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Translation of the Antiphonal
Saint Thomas
    It is not possible to make the English translation follow the layout of the manuscript, because Latin and English sentences differ in structure. Wherever possible, however, the attempt has been made to bring the English translation in line with the Latin original, and we have followed the convention used in the transcription of the black and red lettering. Notes accompanying the text which we have supplied, and are therefore extra to the original manuscript, are rendered in blue.

    We are dealing here with medieval Latin, which is not always strictly grammatical in the classical sense, and so the translation endeavours to capture the meaning and spirit of the original, rather than the sometimes quaint grammar. There are also scribal errors, which are an interesting indication of the level of Latin comprehension possessed by the monastic copyists, but not appropriate to repeat. Comment has been made on these in blue within the translation.

    Many passages echo ones in the Bible, but are not their exact equivalent. Where we have traced such references, this appears within the text in blue also, within square brackets.

    The manuscript follows a long established order of service, with variations particular to the geographical region. In the writing of the manuscript, however, the one standard principle of which one can be certain in a manuscript copied by a number of people, is that nothing is standard except the letter forms.